Au revoir Paris fashion week, hello halloween!

October is upon us and already we're being inundated with Spring 2016 collections. Not least, the Paris collection from Louis Vuitton that marks Marc Jacobs' final offering.

But before we start thinking about next season, however, we have everyone’s favourite excuse for dressing up just around the corner: Halloween.

In a somewhat universal disregard for the usual rules, it still doesn’t do to ignore chic etiquette completely. A simple witch’s hat is old hat; turning up as a plain sheet ghost or wrapped in bandages mummified is sure to leave the complete host un-rapt and mortified.

The secret to wowing your host and other party-goers this Halloween is mixing your costume with pop culture.

If it’s been a hit on the big screen or the music scene, then weaving a celebrity salute into your party get-up is how to be seen.


Are we talking Frankenstein, Dracula or Morticia Addams?

No, nothing like so obvious. Think psycho-thriller before you start donning your hip-length wig, fearsome fangs or lipstick scars.

The Halloween rules have changed. No longer do we need to pay homage to the Hammer House of Horror for our October 31st costumes. Everything from Star Wars Stormtroopers to Jack Nicholson’s (Here’s) Johnny are fair game.

If you’re genuinely stuck for ideas, the HuffPost has almost four dozen acceptable Halloween costumes for 2016 that you can go for alone or with buddies. Think “Golden Girls” meats “The Heat” and you have an inkling to where they’re headed.


Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton swansong

We couldn’t talk fashion this week without mentioning the passing of an era.

For 16 years, Marc Jacobs has headed up Louis Vuitton’s fashion emporium. To round off the week’s Paris Fashion Week, we were treated to a spectacle of exactly what we’ll be missing with his passing.

In a retrospective look at Vuitton shows of the past, a This Is Your Life tribute for the undisputed catwalk king, we had a glimpse of some of the landmark moments in what’s catapulted Jacobs’ to the very top.

The escalator from last year’s Spring Collection was involved, as were the hallway doors from the collection that we’re wearing now from earlier this year.

Other monumentous reminders of Jacob’s style and flair were also apparent; more than that, working in conjunction with the production was the infamous train station clock, which notified us that the Jacobs’ express was leaving, heading off at another junction.


Was authentic overshadowed by ornamental in Paris?

Vuitton’s display was in tune with the week that was, where ornaments and headdresses seemed to gobble up as much of the limelight as the clothes themselves.

So much so that it led Elle to ask if the Theatrics of Paris Fashion Week had overshone the clothes on show. Where better for pyromania than The City of Light?

Whatever the call, Fall 2016 in Paris will be remembered as a “bittersweet” show for Jacobs’, reflecting not only his Louis Vuitton career, but the City itself that shone ceaselessly through his creations. Who on Earth will take his crown?

The full Paris Fashion Week report, including an interview with Marc Jacobs, can be found in the Los Angeles Times.

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