Our ethos on skin care is consistent with every hand made batch. Poppy Austin strives to source the finest organic ingredients in the most ethical and sustainable ways.

Argan Oil

We believe in a holistic lifestyle, using only pure and all-natural ingredients that can be trusted to heal, soften and restore even the most sun-damaged skin types.

At the core of this philosophy is our love of organic argan oil. Rich in fatty acids, vitamin e and skin-loving antioxidants, argan oil forms the baseline of our most popular products.

By bringing this gorgeous natural oil to market, we're also able to support the communities that live in the heart of Southwestern Morocco, and the women's operatives that harvest its earthly commodity.

True Organic Production

In the hottest parts of summer, these communities gather argan fruits that have fallen from the trees in ripe readiness.

Once retrieved, the fruit is brought back to the villages where it is left out in the sun for several weeks. This is done so that the flesh can be easily peeled away to reveal the nutrient-rich argan nuts.

When they are ready, each fragile kernel is gently removed from the nut by hand. It is then sent to be manually cold-pressed.

From harvest and production to bottling, this entire process follows ancient-old production techniques, passed down through the generations.

And when you feel the soothing glow of our organic argan oil, either's in its purest stand-alone form or as part of one of our best sellers, you too will agree that hard work pays off.

In our eyes, true luxury lay in the simplicity of what mother nature provides. Unrefined and above all, organic.

That's the Poppy Austin way.

Sarah Smith

Poppy Austin Limited
The Organic Garden, Somerset

"Get younger looking skin and the confidence that goes with it."

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