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Digital Media Copyright Act

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If you feel that Poppy Austin has inadvertently infringed on any existing copyright, please contact our legal department and provide as many of the following supporting documents that help uphold your claim:

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this should include as a minimum the respondent address,

Poppy Austin Limited

Windsor House, Greville Road, Bristol, BS3 1LL. United Kingdom

Updates and amendments to terms and conditions

The terms and conditions outlined herein fall under jurisdiction of England and Wales law. As such, when the laws governing internet usage change, so must we adapt.

As soon as a change in the terms and conditions is updated on our site, it takes place with immediate effect.

Your continued use of after such an update implies that you are happy to accept those changes without notification.

As a result of such changes, specifications of service and product as well as promotional material including offers, articles and adverts, may also require amending or retiring. Poppy Austin retains the right to adjust, adapt, retire, suspend or permanently delete content of any kind at our sole discretion with or without notification and absolution of any liability by doing so.


The Poppy Austin website has been designed to the highest specification and is hosted on secure servers. Whilst it’s our intention to deliver 100% up-time, there will always be events outside our control or the necessity to update and improve our operation that will affect its accessibility.

As such, we cannot guarantee that the Poppy Austin website will be available or fault-free, even though it is our devout intention to make it so.

By continuing to use our website and any subdomain thereof, you must accept that the elements and services imperative to its functionality and are not always under our control.

Similarly, when such an act directly affects our service or performance, such issues will constitute a ‘force majeure’ and all the usual obligations that Poppy Austin would ordinarily meet may be temporarily or permanently disrupted. As such, we will be excused of meeting those requests until such a time as the situation can be rectified to the satisfacton of both parties.

In the context of these terms and conditions, and upon the instance of ‘force majeure’ affecting our performance, any attributable actions, errors, inconsistency or omissions shall be deemed beyond the reasonable control of Poppy Austin and we will be absolved of any responsibility we would undertake in usual circumstances.

All other events that constitute ‘force majeur’, from industrial action to (the threat of) terrorism, war (civil or otherwise or the threat thereof), antisocial behaviour such as riot or civil commotion/crowd disorder to acts of God, from legislative amendments to the aspects that enable us to render our site and deliver on those promises, will also be deemed beyond our control, waiving our right to supply or deliver any contracts affected by any such actions.

All liabilities, including legal fees and costs, arising from any breach of these terms and conditions, shall be indemnified by you. Poppy Austin Limited, associated companies, third party service providers and licensees/licensors, their employees and their partners, collectively known as the ‘indemnified parties’ provide their service on the understanding that you, the end user, will do everything in your power to protect them against and will not hold liable for claims that arise as a result of you breaching the terms and conditions here outlined.

Furthermore, you agree to fully cooperate with Poppy Austin should we need to defend any claim brought about by breach of these terms and conditions.

Irrespective of your agreement to do so, Poppy Austin may take over the defence of its name, brand, copyright, website or products against any claim. Under no circumstances may you assume the responsibility of settling claims yourself without the express written consent of Poppy Austin Limited or a representative or our company.

Where Poppy Austin assumes the right to defend any claim, it shall do so at its own cost.

Exchange rate & Export Orders

Poppy Austin has assumed the US dollar as its trading currency, irrespective of where you are based in the world when you place your order for 100% organic argan oil or related products.

Depending upon which bank, online payment media or credit card company you use to pay for your order, (our payment order processing and fulfilment partners) will determine what exchange rate you pay to convert the order cost into your local currency.

All receipts will be issued in US dollars to reflect the prices shown on

Poppy Austin is happy to refund any product ordered from overseas. Should you require a refund, please allow 5-7 days for the funds to reappear in the account from which they were originally deducted.

As exchange rates fluctuate many times in one day, it is highly unlikely that the exchange rate applicable at the time of your order will remain should you request a refund. The amount refunded in your local currency, being subject to global exchange rates, may differ from your original purchase price.

Product Availability

Poppy Austin wants to remain at the forefront of supplying the purest argan oil through our unique combination of product, experience and innovation. As such, there will be times when the website needs to be updated to reflect market changes that may influence our brand in either a positive or negative manner.

As well as anticipating additional or promotional products to our range, we also forecast that demand will far outstrip supply, given the popularity of argan oil and, perhaps more importantly, the quality of our brand.

Our research suggests that the price of our product, combined with the quality of ingredients, packaging and our commitment to sustainability, that the volumes we have committed to will ensure continuity of supply.

We would hate for you to fall in love with our product, but then be unable to source it when you run out. For that reason, we offer discounts on multiple purchases.

As well as providing you with a guarantee that you’ll have enough argan oil to suit your needs, it means that we can commit to replenishing our stock and keeping everyone in the supply chain happy, from The Berber Women who produce to paste to the European source for the tried and tested bottles the argan oil comes in, from the Eco-friendly packaging suppliers to our warehousing and distribution partners and, most importantly, to you and your friends and family to ensure you’re all achieving the natural, organic youthfulness that only argan oil seems to be able to bring.

Anyone accessing who is under the age of 18 must adhere to lawful caveats covering minors’ use of e-commerce websites.

Please request permission from a parent or guardian before:

  • e-mailing or requesting that we e-mail you with any information

  • submit any personal information to our website

  • purchase any product from or any sub-domains of the main website

By reading these terms and conditions and continuing to use the website and the services and (third party) offers, it is accepted that you have gained the express permission from a responsible person, adult or guardian to do so.

This includes not only browsing our pages, but also any registration of your details via our, or third party, website(s).

In order to receive our products, it is necessary to submit information that must be authorised by an adult aged 18 or above. This includes basic personal information and contact details so we may send the appropriate receipts as dictated by law.

Any information that you submit to the website in this manner must be 100% accurate, to the best of your knowledge. Submitting someone else’s details is both fraudulent and may also be construed as identity theft, whether that person grants you temporary permission to do so or not.

Should false information be submitted via the website, any contractual obligation between Poppy Austin Limited and the sender of that information shall become immediately null and void and no further discourse will be entered into.

We trust you to use the for the purposes it was intended, outlined in the pages herein. Any breach of that trust will be acted upon swiftly, courteously and without remorse.

Whilst we do everything in our power to protect your personal credentials in the processing of orders and signing up to our mailing list, any comments submitted to public pages of our website, such as reviews of the product(s) or comments on our news articles will be treated as public and displayed on the website at our sole discretion.

As such comments are open to the public, it is accepted that you forego any rights, including intellectual, proprietary or moral, attached to the material submitted and how chooses to implement it.

Similarly, you accept that all materials submitted to in this manner may be offered as royalty free or for its market value, may be amended, copied or adapted and transmitted or rebroadcast over any global medium and for time immemorial. If you do not accept these caveats, please do not submit comments or reviews.

May we stress, this does not refer to your personal information, which will be held on our secure servers and is protected by our privacy policy, which forms a separate part, but is included in these terms and conditions.

Complaints procedure and feedback

Whilst we aim to please everyone, we understand that there will be individuals unhappy with certain aspects of our service and/or the website. Similarly, there will be people who love what we do and want to leave positive comments about Poppy Austin or our unique range of cosmetics.

Should you wish to do either, please feel free to do so via any of the methods listed on our contact us page.

Our e-mail service

For people with a genuine interest in argan oil, the Berber Women of Morocco or Poppy Austin's role in promoting organic beauty products and the causes that selling through respectable vendors helps to protect, we offer a no-cost e-mail subscription service.

Though the organic argan oil product has not changed for centuries and will not change due to the special farming and production needed to grow and produce it, advances in the cosmetic industry are never ending.

If you would like updates through our once-weekly articles or newsletters, you are more than welcome to sign up to receive them. If you are under 18, please gain permission from a parent or guardian before allowing us to send you email notifications.

Internal and external links

We are very keen that you should be able to find your way around the website with consummate ease. We believe the links to pages within the site have been placed strategically and appropriately to deliver you a smooth, productive experience during your time here.

There may be occasions when we link out to third party sites. We do this only to enhance your experience and understanding of what we do at Poppy Austin and each external website will be relevant to our own.

Although we endorse the content that we are linking out to, as soon as you leave the safety of and land upon a hand-selected third party site, all risk for your browsing safety becomes the responsibility of the said third party website and no longer that of Poppy Austin Limited.

Buying from Poppy Austin

We have provided an extensive frequently asked questions page to answer general usability of the website. This includes how to best buy our argan oil and details of the financial transaction and shipping.

This FAQ section constitutes a single component of our terms and conditions as does the separate privacy policy form. It is this document that forms the entire extent of what we purport to deliver and what you can expect to receive.

Irrespective of other information that may be available on this website about our industry or written or oral dialogue with our staff, it is these terms and conditions that form the entire understanding between you and Poppy Austin Limited.

Any single component of these terms and conditions may be amended, retired or updated at our own discretion and without prior notification.

To continue reading, please progress to our FAQ or privacy policy statement.

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