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Get younger looking skin and the confidence that goes with it. Poppy Austin offer vegan, cruelty-free and all-natural skin care products to help you sparkle again.

About Us

We are a small, family-run business based in Somerset, England. Our offices are located in The Organic Garden, a modest yet idyllic area of outstanding natural beauty that we are lucky enough to call home.

The Poppy Austin philosophy is simple. To prevent the signs of ageing by using only the finest, most ethically sourced and socially responsible skincare products.

At the core of this approach is our trust in the incredible healing powers of specific hand-picked natural ingredients.

Each product is prepared in small batches and infused slowly to preserve the quality and integrity of every single drop.

We source the majority of ingredients locally, although some are better suited to warmer climates. Our favourite being the lush green landscapes and fertile soils of middle America.

It is here that we have a traditional cold pressing facility that harvests each ripening crop to produce and bottle some of our best selling products.

We're not keen on hype, making a fuss or putting on a show. We'll leave that to the big multinational brands.

For Poppy Austin, we like to quietly go about our business, focusing all of our efforts on cultivating a skincare range that is honest, clean and above all, effective.

Why? Because we understand that skin insecurities can hold you back from the things you want in life, and that's no fun at all.

Ultimately, we know first hand how the condition of your skin can directly dictate your self-esteem for the better or worse.

It is for this reason that for the past 10 years, we have dedicated our time to producing skin care products that make you look younger and, more importantly, help you to feel more sexy, confident and alive.

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We are honoured and humbled to have been recommended in over 500 beauty best buy tables and product editorials. We have also featured in multiple national media, including:

Poppy Austin


Poppy's Code

Despite our obvious obsession with skin care, most people are shocked when they hear that Poppy Austin was born following a chance occurrence.

Our blueprint (or Code) for creating the 'secret sauce' found in all our products, remained unknown and mostly undeveloped until it was discovered by a British couple during a house clearance in Morocco in late 2007.

Whilst the author of the original research is still unknown to this day, the initial discovery is now viewed as the catalyst for everything we have achieved since.

The meticulous, step by step blueprint for superior skincare became known as ‘Poppy’s Code’. A rich, goldmine of information that was nearly thrown away and lost forever.

Ingredients Matter

One of the stand out features of Poppy’s Code is the short, succinct, and absolute statements.

The document opens with the following line:

“Ingredients matter.”

It then goes on to reveal the precise methods that must be used to capture the true essence of each naturally-derived ingredient, as well as maintaining the uppermost quality and consistency throughout a full batch of cream or serum.

At Poppy Austin, we make it explicitly clear that each and every raw ingredient should be carefully inspected by hand for suitability. It will then be added to the production phase only if it meets the Code’s qualifying conditions.

By using the very highest quality flowers, plants, fruits and herbs, individually and painstakingly selected by an experienced hand, we can ensure that the end product contains the full essential moisture and vitality of it’s natural ingredients.


Having successfully passed through the initial qualification process, the ingredients enter production - a key component of Poppy's Code.

Here we emphasise the need for strict manufacturing process control and quality assurance throughout every stage of production. This means combining the most experienced and passionate people with the best production tools around, in a safe clean environment.

We also insist on creating small batches of no more than 500 bottles at a time. This is done to protect the freshness of each precious ingredient. It also eliminates the risk of error or contamination.

The Bottle

It takes a great deal of effort for our talented and experienced staff to produce a good batch of cream or serum. These efforts can be completely ruined if the product is not stored and / or transported in the correct form.

Over many years of testing, the author of our Code detected that the same product produced a dissimilar result on skin when taken from different bottles.

They concluded that the quality of the bottle plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the product stored within it. It is the bottle’s responsibility to safely deliver the full healing and restorative properties of the ingredients to the human body.

If the bottle fails, so does the product.

Conversely, the author suggested that a bottle designed and manufactured in exact accordance with their blueprint can, in the right environment, enhance the anti-aging effects of a skincare product by as much as three times it’s normal response.

It is for this reason that we have searched every corner of the globe for the one luxury bottle maker who is skilled, experienced and worthy enough to take on the challenge of creating our gorgeous Poppy Austin bottles.

In the heart of rural Sicily, Italy, we eventually found that person. The finest, most respected bottle maker in the whole of Europe, if not the world.

The Code was complete.

Looking Forward

Today, we are continuing our quest to create the perfect skin care products, using nothing but the finest ingredients, production, and storage.

Poppy’s Code is at the very core of our company, it’s the DNA of everything we do, and is best reflected in our much coveted creams, oils and serums.

Of course, there’s still room for improvement, but together we’ll keep working on it.

Sarah Smith

Poppy Austin Limited
The Organic Garden, Somerset

"Get younger looking skin and the confidence that goes with it."

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