An instant fix for dark circles around the eyes

It's supposed to be the under-utilized secret of eternal youth: sleep. Our bodies recuperate and recharge at night as we allow our mind to escort us to never-never land.

Aches and pains of daily life evaporate as we (try to) get our eight hours beneath the sheets. So why, no matter how long we force ourselves to stay under the Sandman's spell, do we awaken with a look smacking of coal sacks awaiting emptying beneath our eyes?

Panda eyes. Raccoon face. Chimney sweep. Shopping bags. We've heard them all. So many ways to describe a look our eyes contrive to emit to the watching world, yet none of us want.

Yes, we can experiment with sleep patterns. Take short naps, lie in all day or get those recommended rounded 8 hours. And then document it all to see what works best for our epidermist's diagnosis.

But what works to eliminate dark circles one day has no effect the next. Say what?


So, what's the secret to bag-free eyes in the morning?

Health, diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on not just our eyes, but the way our whole body looks and functions. But who wants to be tied to the regime? We're not perfect and enjoy our foibles, every last one.

Quick fixes? There are hundreds. But does the cucumber look work for you? When do you have the time (or inclination) for that?

It's not like the long-term lifestyle choices come with a 'weekend off', either. Their success is based on you following a diet and exercise regime to the letter, no time off allocated for good behavior whatsoever.

If you don't want to be a slave to that particular rhythm (who does, apart from masochists?), then you need outside help. You need (and, after a hard day in the office, crave) that cheat day.

You've gone without sugar, fat and wine longer than any human should.


Mother Nature's shortcut to eyes without dark circles

It's time to relieve the stress, kick your shoes off and allow yourself a taste of life once more. Worried that Mr Panda will come pay you a visit during the night and tattoo your face with his particular style of eye shadow?

That's what make-up (and remover) was invented for, right? But what happens when we remove the make-up only to reveal our worst fears: circles like shopping bags hanging from our eyes to our cheek bones? Or worse, cake it on so thick, but it has no effect whatsoever?


That's it, you say! Enough is enough.

You need help and it's time to reach out for that assistance. Grab the eraser that eliminates those weaknesses in your lifestyle and actually do something that will eliminate those dark eye circles forever!

You want an eye-cream that:

  • tightens the peritorbital circles* that cause shadowing beneath your eyes;
  • brightens your whole eye area, erasing the guilt-lines of a life enjoyed, to which we're all subject (and entitled);
  • rejuvenates the eye area so that we not only look younger, but causes our boss to think that we've stayed home all night revising the presentation (and not spent it out on the tiles as a premature reward for our upfront graft).

Wouldn't a revitalizing eye-cream like that be awesome? Wouldn't it be awesome if we could reach out to mother nature for help and she give us an organic remedy for dark under-eye circles with which she's endowed us?

Using Her bounty, we've developed an eye cream that erases dark circles from around your eyes. It's not a long-lasting solution. For that, you have to change your lifestyle. But if you want instant coverage, then this is your baby.

Saying that, there are things you can do to enhance the power of our organic eye cream.

You can check out all of the ingredients in our eye cream under the (uncannily) 'ingredients' tab of Poppy Austin Organic Eye Cream.

What you can also do to exponentially better the results of using Poppy Austin Eye Cream is follow these simple guidelines:

  • drink water: yest, you've heard it all before, but a better-hydrated body is one that functions on all cylinders;
  • reduce salt: this is especially true if you're young, as excess salt reserves are often found in the 'puffy' sacks beneath the eyes;
  • do not rub your eyes: do you know what a bruise is? It's when you get a knock severe enough to indent the 2.0mm epidermis, rupture a blood vessel and exhibit the leaking blood beneath the skin. ** bear in mind that the periorbital skin around the eye is only 25% the thickness of the rest of your skin layer, you'll appreciate it doesn't take much to rupture the tender blood vessels beneath its surface.

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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