Who, what, where and how to follow #NYFW

After Sunday's one-dimensional Superbowl, New York/Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has awoken The Garden State from its enforced bout of prolonged hibernation.

The global catwalk’s strongest critics, greatest evangelists and, of course, the biggest designers and fashion houses have touched down in Newark. The catwalk may have replaced the Seahawk’s victory ticker tape, but we may yet see a shoulderpad showdown.


Looking forward to Fall/Winter 2017 fashion, already

In contrast to the inevitability of the weekend’s football at the MetLife Stadium, day one of #MBFW, 6th Feb, hasn’t been short on surprises. The 2017 thaw has – at last – well and truly begun.

Today, however, we’ll guide you through next winter’s wardrobe showcase by way of five handy pointers to help you parlez with even the most egotistical NYFW fashionistas.


Where is New York Fashion Week?

There are two main locations for this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: the Hudson (The Hub) and Lincoln Center. The latter is in itself three separate venues, comprising The Theatre, Pavilion and Salon.

There’s also a smattering of events around New York itself. DKNY, for example, is showing at 547 W 26th St on Sunday 9th and 23 Wall Street on Monday 10th.

For those secluded events, and many others choosing to show in store, shuttle services are available to take you directly there.


When is NYFW?

Nicholas K kicked off proceedings today, 6th Feb, at The Pavilion. There are shows every day then until FTL Moda & Art Hearts Fashion, presented by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, bring the curtain down on Fashion Week with a show at the Theatre between 5pm-6.30pm on Feb 13.

On Friday and Saturday, events are on a 9am-9pm schedule; Sunday has a shorter 11am-8pm format; Monday-thru-Wednesay are operating a 9am-8pm timetable before Ralph Lauren opens the final day, Thursday 13th, at 10am on Washington Street. Events then continue until the showcase finale at the Theatre, as mentioned above.

You can view, download, embed or share the full schedule in the graphic courtesy of Lauren Johnston, on Scribd.


Who’s showing this year?

There’s an eclectic mix of talent on offer over the course of the coming week. As well as many instantly-recognizable European and US brands. Asia and the Far East are likewise well-represented.

Alongside Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, La Coste, New York’s own Dennis Basso and the ever-expanding J.Crew are amongst the household brands that we’ve come to know and love showcasing new collections in The Big Apple this week.

One designer who won’t be there is Rachel Zoe. Having only recently brought a baby boy into the world, she’s taken the gut-wrenching decision to pull her show from this year’s NYFW, citing other commitments as the reason.


How can I get a ticket?

The simple answer is: you can’t, sorry. New York Fashion Week remains very much an industry event. It’s either ‘by invite’ or ‘no entry’.

In fact, seats are so prestigious, only A list celebrities and top glossy/online magazine editors are guaranteed front-row viewing.

The media and those looking to fit collections in next to their own brand or range are often to be found a row or two further back. If your ticket contains a solitary “S”, it doesn’t mean “seat”, it means “standing”.


Okay, so how can I follow events at New York Fashion Week?

As with every event these days, you can follow proceedings with a hashtag on your favorite social media site. For this week’s Fall/Winter event, the trending hashtags will be #nyfw or #mbfw.

You can get more specific, as these streams will no doubt become torrents:

  • E! Online has its own hashtag to follow on Twitter: #embfw;
  • The New York Daily News has dispatched an assignment of reporters to cover the event;
  • And fashionista.com has detailed 12 Instagrammers to follow during #NYFW.

If you are going, be sure to send us some pictures back, won’t you? And do let us know whose collections you think we’ll be mostly wearing this time next year, based on what New York Fashion Week has to offer.

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