Why argan oil is your pool hair hero. Case closed!

Argan Oil is the perfect combatant for 'pool' hair, whether used as a preventative measure or cure. Green streaks? Only of envy from fellow bathers!


The uses for Argan Oil continue to astound us. Today, we look at an aesthetic disaster that can spoil your holiday like nothing else: pool hair.

If it strikes, your holiday snaps are a write-off, despite today's touch-up apps.

When we're at home, these problems aren't so daunting. We know that the chemicals used in local pools and swimming baths don't turn our hair green. That's because they don't contain the algaecide we find in holiday pools. Plus, they're not the same as a Mediterranean or Caribbean pool, baked all day long in a 35°+ heatwave.

What's worse is that we all know holiday hair is coming. But it often seems too much effort (or risk) to stock up on the products we think we need to prevent/cure this most common of faux pas:

  • Who wants to risk a full range of hair-care products in their luggage, nestled alongside their limited vacation wardrobe?
  • Would you even get so many products through airport security if you're travelling light?
  • And who trusts (or understands the ingredients of) local hair care products you can buy when you arrive?

Too much is at stake, whichever of those options seems best (although none are ideal).

The good news is, it needn't be that way. Poppy Austin's Argan, shampoo and conditioner is all you need for perfect holiday hair. Even if you do venture into the pool before applying due diligence.


Chlorination Streak: The Dreaded Green-Haired Monster

You've spent hours choosing your bathing suit. Even longer getting your hair done before you've flown out to your two weeks of heaven on earth. Lounging by the poolside, you are the depiction of grace and elegance.

The sun begins to rise across the sky, the temperature rises in tandem and you feel those glorious rays melting your troubles away. It's not long before it's time for your first dip in your resort's pool.

You cut through the surface like a hot knife through butter and feel the rush off bubbles against your shoulders and down your back. In an instant, you're cool, refreshed and all is right with world once more. Until…

…until you dry your hair. You look in the mirror and that perfectly coiffed head of blond is streaked green.

The copper in the algaecide has oxidised. It's clinging to your limp, lifeless hair like a limpet to a ship's hull, getting greener by the minute as your do bakes in the sun. Ruined!


Prevention is better than cure

Or not! Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. And the preventative medicine to inhibit oxidization of your beautiful blond bonce is Argan Oil.

The secret is in the natural organic oils and vitamins in the shampoo's ingredients. As well as Argan, you'll find Cedarwood, Tea Tree, Kanoji, Amla, Rosemary, Hibiscus, and Barbary Fig Seed Oils in our shampoo.

But also Vitamin E. And that's important. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and will not dissolve in water. Using a moisturizing shampoo alongside a leave-in conditioner and a subsequent normal application of Argan Oil is the best protection against copper oxidization in the pool!

Your Superhero Shampoo and Condition to the Rescue!

But fear not if you've left it too late and are reading this piece post-dip. The same shampoo also contains Zinc and Green Tea extract. Together, they're a potent force preventing oxidation.

If your hair has started to show hints of turning into the Hulk, wash it immediately. Leave the shampoo in for 5-6 minutes and let the combatant organic ingredients work their magic.

The 'brew' includes Aloe Vera, which I've not even mentioned yet. It's widely accepted as one of nature's great healers and can also help begin to repair any damage to your hair. Not just from the copper, but from the chlorine and sun-drenched poolside, too.

Once you're 'cooked' after those 5-6 minutes, rinse, condition and apply your natural Argan Oil.

With the shampoo, you've primed your hair to use only the amount of conditioner it needs. In the sun, your hair may need less conditioner than usual; any excess will wash away as you rinse it out.

The application of Poppy Austin Argan Oil thereafter is your Captain America shield!

Once applied, you can return to the pool with confidence, looking your beautiful bronzed best once more. The only green you'll see then is in the look of envy the other holidaymakers will be casting your way!

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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