Here’s 6 unfortunate yet hilarious casualties of makeup overdose. Number 5 is my personal favorite!

In today's post I'm going to reveal the worst offending makeup malfunctions and how you can avoid them in time for the summer season. Enjoy...


It starts in early adolescence. You get your first compact of foundation. Matching your skin tone? What's that?

All you know is that if you slather your face with this fantastic miracle salve you'll look like a preteen heartthrob. While you’re at it, why don't you line your entire upper lip with an eyebrow pencil, it's basically the same thing, right?

Don't forget to fill it in with some ultra neon lip gloss that you found in the gym lost and found. Surely, if you don't catch mono, this will make your pouters pop.

Yes, 13 is a strange time warp. Hopefully, with age and maturity, most women age out of regular beauty faux pas. Unfortunately, many adults choose to die hard with old habits. Here are six commonly occurring make­up tragedies that you need to grow out of before you finish reading this post.


1. Channeling your inner circus clown

Learn how to properly use your blush brush before people start asking you to pull a balloon animal out of your pocket.


2. Old school lip lining techniques

Overdone lip liner should have died out with the Clinton Administration. Choose colors that match and soften your face.


3. Caking on concealer

It doesn’t look natural if you can’t smile properly. It also makes you look older and accentuates all those wrinkles you are desperately trying to hide.


4. Raccoon eyes

Unless you are in a metal band, don’t commit an eyeliner violation. Circling your eyes doesn’t make them stand out and if you accidentally rub them people are going to ask if you have been punched in the face.


5. Applying extra tan on top of tan with bronzer­

You will be adding a whole new element to “fake and bake” if you think you are going to achieve a healthy glow by piling on the bronzer. It doesn’t work, trust us. Pull out your prom pictures if you need extra support.


6. Foundational infractions­­

It happens to the best of us because buying foundation in a drugstore with florescent lighting is like trying to pick a paint color in a dark room. Take it home, test it out, and if it doesn’t work, take it back.


Closing thoughts

Beauty can be natural and makeup can enhance our favorite features. But bad application and blind color matching? Well, that does nothing for you besides make you the center of some serious office gossip.

Ditch your stubborn ways and return to the road of cosmetic redemption. Your adolescent self would be happy to know that life doesn’t always have to be so awkward.

Until next time.

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

Photo Credits - (Header) CC: ‘Can you see me now?’ by Dollen

1. Channeling your inner circus clown:
2. Old school lip lining techniques:
3. Caking on concealer:
4. Raccoon eyes:
5. Applying extra tan on top of tan with bronzer­:
6. Foundational infractions­­:

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