Hats off to argan oil: why liquid gold is so good for your hair

To many women, adding more oil to their hair feels like the last thing they should do to develop their 'do'. Well, put those hats into storage, girls. It's time to be brave about your bonce.

We were talking the other day about the confidence that radiant hair brings to everyone. Not just us women. But the sneaky menfolk guilty of raiding our hair care products, too.

It wasn't only the positive vibes that got our attention - although there were many. But we also all knew someone - even those within our circle - who has or have had reservations about adding oil to their hair.

Argan oil, of course, took centre stage in the conversation. And one of my girlfriends, once with the greasiest of locks, gushed forth a classic line:

"Sarah, your argan oil range has been so good for my hair, I never want to wear a hat again!"

We all laughed, nodded our agreement and, like any 80's Hollywood graduation scene, those of us with hats threw them into the air.


Since our meet up, that line has been echoing around the (not so) old grey matter. How could I adapt that sentiment into a blog post?

In the end, I left the sentence exactly as it was thrown into the melting pot.

The enthusiasm and the quick-but-unwittedness of the comment sums up how our argan oil makes people feel. Yes, even those who think that adding oil to an already oily scalp will just compound the problem.

Without further ado, here are the key benefits - and tips - the girls had to share about how they use our products.


Why drench your hair in any oil, let alone that of the argan tree?

It's clear from our chat that many women have reservations about putting oil in their hair. It seems the antithesis of long, flowing locks, right? But there are oils - and there are oils.

After years of colouring, blow-drying, volumising and holding with mousse and hairspray, our hair gets distressed. Frizzy, lank, lifeless - you name it, all the negative adverbs in your vocab you could attribute to your 'do'.

Some women are at the end of their tether and just need something (anything) to give their hair a lift. Others, when they understand how organic our products are, make the conversion.

The argan product itself when used in moderation restores balance to damaged hair. There is a tipping point; if you apply too much, yes, it can weigh down your hair.


How to maximise the life of your argan oil

To get the best out of your argan oil, you should also use shampoos and conditioners enriched with the "Liquid Gold" of Morocco. Ours contain coconut oil, sesame oil and many more tropical, organic, ingredients.

Your hair and scalp will thank you for it, drinking in only the nutrition it needs. Any excess will wash away as you rinse.

If you start applying the argan oil right from the wash and condition, rather than as a post-wash treatment, it will begin working all that much sooner. Common sense, right?

When you then come to add the main product to your damp hair before it dries, you'll only need the smallest of amounts. For short hair, a pea-sized amount rubbed into the palms of your hands will cover your whole head.

The longer your hair, the more you'll need. But only add more in small increments from the original 'pea'. It may take time to master just the right amount, and you may have to adjust as your hairstyle changes. But the rewards are so worth it, so persevere and you too will be packing your hats into their boxes until Ladies' Day!

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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