Argan oil for your hands and nails: beauty you can touch

Argan oil has been marketed as the miracle worker for brittle hair and dry skin but well-groomed women know that true beauty occurs when there is a holistic approach that goes deeper than their skin.

A healthy diet, good exercise, and plenty of sleep can push anyone towards an appearance improvement but often we overlook the part of our body that makes all of our other achievements possible – our hands.

Our hands, and particularly our nails, are good indicators of our general health. Are yours cracked or damaged? True to its form, Argan oil proves its perfection in its versatility, its ease of use, and its results.

Before looking at how Argan oil can improve the health and look of your hands, it is important to know a little bit about the composition of your nails. Your nails are made up of two major parts: the nail plate and the cuticle. You may only think about your cuticles when you are getting a manicure but they are not an ornamental part of your body.

Cuticles are a part of your skin and they sit on top of your nail’s growth matrix. The growth matrix is what creates your nail plate. Needless to say, if your cuticles are damaged, dry, or cut then they cannot protect your growth matrix very well.

The nail plate is what we generally consider the hard surface that extends out of our cuticles. It is composed of a tough protein called keratin. Although they are much harder than your skin, nail plates can still dry out and crack as well. They can become infected when regularly exposed to unclean environments and brittle if your diet lacks essential proteins.

As we age, the natural oils in our nail plates begin to dry up. If they are not moisturized they can develop rough vertical ridges that extend across the surface of the nail. While reversing the affects of aging may seem impossible, there are very simple steps you can take and products you can use to ensure the ongoing health of your nails.

Argan oil is a very useful product to purchase and integrate into your beauty routine. It has a remarkable variety of uses and is utterly natural. When it comes to your nails, Argan oil is a potent moisturizer. It is full of essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and sterols. (Sterols protect the fat and cell membranes in your body). Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that helps to protect and strengthen your nails.

If you want to start using Argan oil for nail health, here is a wonderful basic beginner routine:

  1. Find a bowl large enough to fit both of your hands inside
  2. Combine a small amount of Poppy Austin Argan Oil with equal parts freshly squeezed lemon juice in your bowl
  3. Mix until everything is fully incorporated
  4. Soak your fingertips in the bowl for fifteen minutes
  5. Rinse your hands and use a clean towel to pat them dry. Leave your cuticles damp.
  6. Massage a small amount of Poppy Austin Argan oil into your nails and cuticles.

With a small amount of work you can have a set of beautiful nails in no time. You should use this treatment at least once a week. In between treatments you can coat your nails with oil before going to bed. Rinse away any excess oil in the morning.

As with any beauty routine, it is essential to partner your regiment with other good habits. Nail biting, nail tapping, and using your nails to do jobs that would be damaging to your plates should be avoided.

Eating foods rich in Vitamins A, B, and C will keep your nails looking healthy. A diet that does not include these vitamins could cause dry, rounded, and brittle nails. Vitamin C deficiency will also leave you more prone to hang nails. Make sure to cut your nails so that they stay at a reasonable and healthy length.

Your body is complex and, with so much to worry about, keeping track of everything can seem overwhelming. Argan oil provides consumers with a variety of holistic beauty and health options from the convenience of one bottle. If you love on your hair and your skin, don’t forget to take care of a part of your body that is constantly taking care of you – your hands.

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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