How to reduce the signs of aging….naturally

The holidays are in full swing and the upcoming weeks seem to be filled with merriment, parties, and a plethora of shopping.

As many of us peruse the mall and pass by our resident Santa Claus, it is seems to become easier to recall the passage of time in our own lives.

The New Year is, again, upon us and many of us feel our bodies grow both in wisdom and in age. It’s a fact of life. We could no sooner stop the sun from rising than we could preform miracles that keep our bodies as fresh and as flexible as they were in our early teens. Learning to age with grace starts with the very notion that it is important to accept and love your changing body.

It is out of that deep love and concern that you should start treating yourself to anti-aging products and practices now so that, years from now, your body feels healthy and happy. As with most important life decisions, choosing to help your body along the every winding path of older adulthood is part and parcel with a lifestyle adjustment. It is important to educate yourself and take time to reflect on how each and every one of us changes over time. From there you can feel confident that you are making healthy and natural changes to your daily routine.

Among the vast amount of decisions you will have to make in the later parts of your life, the use of Argan oil should be a simple one. It’s natural, gentle, and is an effective way to reduce the signs of ageing.

The first obvious signs of aging almost always appear in your skin. As you get older, your skin will become thinner and drier thus giving way to wrinkles. This is normal- small wrinkles (especially around your award-winning smile) are a fact of life. But there are plenty of ways to control and prevent larger wrinkles.The first line of defense is always preventative care. Factors that can hasten the appearance of wrinkles are harmful UV rays, pollution, habits such as smoking, stress, lack of sleep, and an unbalanced diet. Sunscreen is your friend and using Argan oil as a facial moisturizer is an excellent way to get baseline protection from pollution and other environmental factors.

More importantly, Argan oil is a “miracle” due to its high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. Some studies have even reported that Argan oil might have as much as three times more anti-aging Vitamin E than any other natural oil processed for healthcare. It quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves absolutely no residual grease. Because it improves upon your skin’s natural elasticity, it is often very effective in fighting skin wrinkles and sun damage.

Other active substances found in Argan oil include called triterpenoids which offer skin protection and anti-inflammatory benefits. They help to reduce the appearance of scars and create a barrier over your skin against smoke, pollutants, and microorganisms. Argan oil also contains sterolins which help improve your skin’s metabolism and promote natural moisture retention. The antioxidants will help neutralize free radical damage which will help repair damage that has already occurred on the surface of your skin. The best part is that you can start using Argan oil now- it is never to early to start taking care of your skin. Remember: you should be thinking in terms of preventative care.

Argan oil is an easy product to add to your skin care routine. It can replace most moisturizers and should be reapplied throughout the day. However, the real tough work will always come through in the small changes you should make throughout your lifetime. Remember to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. If your skin is hydrated it will look better and have more elasticity.

Quit smoking- your entire body will thank you later in life. Learn to relax and get some rest. In today’s world, resting can seem like a waste of time. But, for your body, it is essential. If left unchecked, stress can leave a permanent mark on your face. Most importantly, if you haven’t already, you need to incorporate and healthy and balanced diet into your life.

Good food is essential when it comes to healthy living and anti-aging. Colorful fruits and vegetables, such as leafy greens, carrots, blueberries, etc. are full of Vitamins and antioxidants that help prevent unstable molecules from damaging healthy cells. You aren’t going to feel the damaging internally, but the resulting wrinkles will pop up across your face in no time.

Beyond using this amazing product and learning how to reduce the stress in your life, the best advice that anyone can offer is to unplug yourself from unrealistic expectations. True beauty is ageless, full of wisdom, and simply remarkable.

Ring in the New Year with new hope, a little bit of Argan oil, and a confident smile.

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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