Argan Oil WARNING! - 5 things you absolutely must consider before buying a bottle in 2021 [Spoiler: not all argan oils are the same]


Twelve months on, and over 1 million views later, we're still overwhelmed by the response to our argan oil review video. Now updated for 2021, I couldn't believe what we found being sold online and in the high street. Brace yourself, people...
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Argan Oil
Our review of the Argan Oil market: Dec 2021

It’s been a busy few months at Poppy Austin HQ. The team and I have travelled four continents, commissioned two full-time researchers, and even built our own in-house database of every single brand, website, supplier, vendor and reseller of argan oil in the USA.

And what did we discover?

Well, firstly, the retail market for argan oil has grown exponentially over the past 18 months. Indeed, we predict that it has almost doubled in size since our last review back in early 2013.

But that doesn’t tell the full story, not by a long stretch. In fact, If you have recently purchased (or even considered purchasing) a bottle of argan oil, you’re going to be SHOCKED by what we have to share.


A video summary, just for YOU

Having received such glowing praise for last year’s video summary, we decided to treat you to more of the same. This new video lasts just over four minutes, and I’m sure you will agree that our production team has once again worked wonders with their animations.

So, without further ado, please hit the play button above then sit back and take note, while we summarize the five key things for YOU to consider when buying a bottle of argan oil in 2021.


A word on Poppy Austin®

Despite the obvious challenges in compiling our latest report into the state of the argan oil marketplace, it was well worth the effort.

You see, we truly do believe in the incredible healing and restorative properties of this 100% naturally occurring product, and we want everyone to experience it too.

But sadly the retail market for this product has changed in recent years, and not in a good way. Copycats, counterfeits and cheap watered down oils have flooded USA market, and higher end brands continue to charge inflated prices without rationale or substance.

The Poppy Austin® philosophy has always been about producing the finest, most sustainably sourced products that are as close to their natural state as possible, whilst giving back to the supply chain and the Berber women of Morocco.

Every day, we hand crack our argan nuts to a golden state of perfection and produce each batch of argan oil in extremely small quantities to preserve the quality and integrity of every single bottle.

Argan Oil

It’s such a shame to see the mass commercialization of our market in recent years, yet in many ways, it’s just the inevitable fall out of argan oil’s global appeal.

UNESCO and responsible suppliers like Poppy Austin® will continue to invest in the Moroccan biospheres, to protect the ancient argania spinosa tree and to provide education, welfare and livable wages for the women’s cooperatives and their families.

Until next time.

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Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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