How to create the perfect face mask (with argan oil, of course)

Let's be plain and simple for a moment - your face is one of, if not THE most important physical feature on your entire body.

Your smile will tell people that you are warm while your bright eyes might tell strangers that you have a willingness to learn and a positive outlook on life. Just like your mouth and your eyes, your skin can say a lot about who you are and how serious you concern yourself with your body’s general health.

Do you protect your skin from the sun? Are you a smoker? Is your life comprised of stressful events, exposure to pollution, and poor nutrition? Yes, your face can speak about your entire lifetime before you even mutter a word.

Because faces are such an essential part of everyone’s appearance it is not surprising that “miracle” products and surgeries are popping up everywhere promising the elimination of wrinkles, sun spots, and saggy skin.

Clearly, many of these procedures work but it often comes with a high price-tag and a brutal recovery. Many people opt for natural and less extreme ways to extend the life and health of their delicate skin. Argan oil is a promising treatment for all sorts of beauty troubles so it is not surprising that this true miracle can do wonders for the skin on your facade.

But first, a look at skin care in general. Essential skin care starts with good hygiene and a little self-reflection. Ask yourself: do I have oily skin, dry skin, or a combination of both? It is not a good idea to use hand or bar soap unless it is specifically tailored for facial use. Buy products that are geared towards your skin type.

Any product that is worth your money will have this information clearly written on the packaging. Don’t use washcloths and scrubbers that are used to clean the surfaces of your house. Use a small dollop of cleanser and rub it in circular motions onto your face and neck.

Do not scrub hard! The skin on your face is delicate. Pat your face dry and add a light moisturizer if necessary. You might need to wash your face twice a day if you have oiler skin.

Beyond daily washing, many people enjoy a rejuvenating facial mask once a week. Argan oil is an excellent additive to your favorite facial mask. Many facial masks enhance the temperature of your skin, open up your pores, increase the cells metabolic rate, and promote sweat gland secretion which actually increases the oxygen content in your skin. Additionally, they can help remove dead skin cells and oily substances that would otherwise clog your pores and house skin-aging bacteria.

The water from your mask will penetrate the first layer of your skin’s epidermis to soften the skin and enhance its elasticity. To apply a mask, simply spread a thin layer over your recently cleaned and damp skin. With most masks, they will slowly dry and tighten when they are near completion. When the mask is dry, rinse it off with warm water and pat your skin dry.

Argan oil has a high concentration of Vitamin E and saponins that help retain moisture in all skin types without the appearance of being oily. Because of its useful antioxidants, the oil also helps improve elasticity which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

If you don’t want to add Argan oil to your face mask, consider using it directly on your skin as a moisturizer after your treatment. It will help protect your new skin cells from pollution and the sun.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, there are many do-it-yourself masks that use Argan oil as its essential ingredient. A simple recipe includes one tablespoon of lemon juice, three teaspoons of Greek-style yogurt, one tablespoon of honey, and three drops of Argan oil.

Mix them in a small bowl and apply them to your dry, clean face. Wait ten minutes and then rinse off with warm water and pat your skin dry.

Remember: your face will tell others quite a bit about who you are and how you take care of yourself. Treat your skin with love and use Argan oil to give yourself a boost of healthy confidence.

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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