Eight simple hairstyles to die for this Fall / Winter 2017

It's no use denying it. Leaves are tinctured orange, the sun lower in the dusk skyline and the breeze has lost its soft summer edge.

Thoughts turn to Fall 2017 as we pack away our summer wardrobe for another year. Halter-necks make way for collars and an extra layer after sunset is all but essential.

With so little left on show once September’s been and gone, women around the globe are looking to their hairstyles to emanate radiance.

London and New York fashion weeks have been and gone, imparting inspiration not only for our wardrobes, but also for how we’ll wear our hair as the 2017 party season begins in earnest.

Cosmopolitan, taking inspiration from the catwalks of late summer, has put together a collection of eight essential hairstyles for the Fall / Winter 2017 seasons.

The message is simple: if your hair’s not long, extend it!


Straight, Sleek, Sexy. No-nonsense hair rules the catwalk

Even curls come with the caveat that they’re laying loose and only there to accentuate volume as they cascade onto and over your shoulders.

“Touch Me Curls” begin Cosmopolitan’s Fall hairstyles. What’s great about this collection is that every style is achievable with minimal fuss.

Starting with a deep centre parting, take a wide-diameter curling iron and slowly tease your hair around it. The lightest of curls should billow out from the jawline down, framing your face and flowing over your shoulders.

Selena Gomez is Cosmopolitan’s next choice of model, demonstrating “Stick-straight Strands”.

Again, it all starts with a deep parting, Selena’s a little off-center. Thus allowing the weight of the hair to carry the hairstyle.

As the winter air loses the humidity of summer, there’s less chance of dreaded frizz that can afflict even the most carefully straightened hair.

Be brave. Super sleek is super in. Any sign of whisps, grab a spot of argan oil to smooth them down and you’ll be shining like a Hollywood starlet in no time.

The Low Knot starts with a side parting, and is an elegant way to style your hair, especialy when time is of the essence.

We all lead busy lives; the trick is to carry off everything our days throw at us effortlessly. The low knot offers a way to look diligent during the day or evening chic.

Wrap your hair like you’re making a bun, but twist your hair through the center, pulling it through to make the knot so that it rests just above the nape of your neck.

During the day, you can leave the end free for a more casual approach. Alternatively, clip the loose end beneath the knot to give a finished look for dining out.


Pony tails – high or low fit this season

In the Cosmopolitan collection, they show Sophia Bush modelling a super-sleek high “show” pony.

Totally kink-free, sheen for a super-glossy finish and sprayed to last all night, this hairstyle’s going nowhere. Set off with grandiose earrings, it’s the powerful look of a woman who wants for nothing.

Across at Harper’s Bazaar, they’re wearing pony tails low. With less sheen, the low pony tail emanates an earthy, sultry power that puts the woman wearing it in total control of any situation.

The super-deep side parting adds a touch of red carpet glamour without hours in make up, hours very few of us have.


It’s all about volume

Volume is most definitely the key to pulling off this Hollywood Boulevard number. Once that’s sorted, the only choice left is which side to wear it.

Run the parting from your hairline to fringe so that it’s level with the inner edge of your eyebrow. Let the side with the least hair cascade down over your shoulder and sweep your fringe across your forehead in the opposite direction.

The volume makes for a waterfall of hair, again using your favorite sheen or spray to add the gloss and keep your hair where it belongs.

The sky’s the limit and Kim Kardashian knows it. She looks like an Amazonian Warrior modelling Cosmopolitan’s next look. Super high, swept back and with super sheen.

Take your hair from both sides and secure it high at the back, just beneath your crown. This forms a plumping cushion beneath the hair that you sweep back from the front, adding dramatic height.

Your favorite oil or sheen will intensify that sense of a woman who you’ll simply never cross swords with. Simple, elegant, but oh so stylish


Discreet braids

Peek-a-boo Braids are a daring new look for this Fall/Winter season.

The plait, it seems, is old hat. Yet with a braid, you’ve got it made. Especially one that’s not permanently on show.

Again, this hairstyle is heavily reliant on volume. Whether you’re using your own hair or an extension, the braid begins low down, just behind your ear.

Use your mass of hair to hide its origin and let the braid flit in and out of the locks that play on your shoulder. Just the hint of a barrel curling iron to give your hair that carefree wave compliments the braid to perfection.

Full-blown or Side-faux bang – the same principle, but two totally different looks.


This season’s must have hairdo

We’ll finish with a bang! It is this season’s must have hairdo. And again, we have Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar differing in opinion.

Cosmopolitan offers us the full-on bang. Starting with a high hairline to give a full fringe, sweeping right the way forward down from your crown, this hairstyle just dusts the top of your lashes.

Harper’s Bazaar does it a little differently. Still sweeping, but strafing across your head from an exceptionally low side parting, starting just above the ear.

The stunning effect is a beehive rather than the bouffant of the full-on bang. But still, the imperative remains to have that fringe almost resting on the eyebrows.

The side-faux bang will need a clip behind the ear to keep the fringe horizontal and suits hair gathered low at the back. The full-on bang suits a much higher pony tail, even then almost invisible from the front due to its natural bouffant.

So there you have it. Eight amazingly simple hairstyles, all to suit long hair and with only a nod to heavy artillery styling products.

This winter really will be about how you finish your hair rather than going to excessive lengths to style it. Even if it is all about excessive length to begin with.

The Editorial Team
Poppy Austin

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