There are very few hair care products on the market that have such profound results after one simple use.

100% pure organic argan oil, most certainly lives up to its hype.

This miracle oil is proven to repair and soften brittle or overworked tresses without leaving product build-up on your scalp. It’s no wonder that so many cosmetologists have recommended argan oil treatments to stimulate hair growth and provide hair manageability.

Due to its rarity, argan oil is one of the most expensive and luxurious oils in the world. The pure oil is harvested from endangered trees and its production is laboriously time-consuming. Investing in 100% pure argan oil is worth the extra cost, but because of its increasing popularity, there are a lot of fraudulent products as well as famed women and men's hair care brands that claim to use it as an active ingredient. However, many of these products are not worth the least bit of your attention. Pure 100% argan oil is always the most effective purchase you can make.

Buying advice

Here are a few tips to help you decide on which argan oil products to buy for your daily beauty needs:

You should start your product assessment with the manufacturer. Do your research. Ask yourself: is this company well-known and is the product ethically sourced? Have they been written up or awarded any organic certifications? If yes, you can be sure that the company has been evaluated from a secondary and credible source. Your purchase should, at a minimum, have a certification similar to ECOCERT or the USDA.

In regards to packaging, never buy oil that is sold in light glass or clear plastic. Sunlight can break through the containers and consequently break down the oil. Argan oil should be sold in dark glass to preserve its quality. Make sure to check the ingredients list as well. The only item listed should be 100% argan oil. If the oil is mixed with perfumes, preservatives, paraffin, or water, it will reduce the effectiveness of the oil.

The best argan oil products are smooth and do not look diluted. It naturally smells mildly nutty and will absorb into your skin quickly. Cosmetic argan oil is a light yellow color and should not be confused with cooking argan oil which has a golden brown coloring. Do not be alarmed if there is a little sediment on the bottom of the bottle or if the oil lookscloudy. Argan oil is a natural substance derived from the earth and a tiny bit of sediment is expected and a sign of a unadulterated quality.

Sticker shock might not be avoidable but keep in mind that beauty products that contain argan oil might not be as effective as the 100% pure oil. Be wary about paying too much for these items.

Shopping for argan oil may seem overwhelming but there are plenty of retail options available for the most discerning of women. With a general understanding about what you should look for while making a purchase, you are sure to walk away with a product that will be both effective and enjoyable.

Sarah Smith

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