A refined and put together woman is one who knows time is of the essence. She curates a tightly edited collection of the most trustworthy products to maintain her perfected signature look.

If you are looking to simplify your beauty routine, 100% pure argan oil is the quintessential versatile product to keep at the ready for your hair and skin care needs. With a plethora of benefits including vitamins and minerals that aid in your overall health by moisturizing, softening and protecting your hair and skin from the sun, you’ll soon become a loyal ambassador as well.

For your hair consider

  • Using it has a deep conditioner. If your hair is in need of some hydration or rejuvenation, Moroccan argan oil is the best TLC you can bestow upon your damaged locks. Wash and condition your hair as directed before towel drying the excess water off your tresses. Put a small amount of oil into your hair before wrapping with a towel. Avoid overusing or hair will appear greasy. For best results, use as an overnight treatment. In the morning you should see a definite improvement in your hair.

  • Using it instead of your conditioner. If you are looking for a less time consuming option, simply use argan oil as a conditioner. Apply and work through your hair after shampooing, let it sit in for several minutes, and then rinse.

  • Using it for styling and finishing touches. Pure argan oil is also excellent if you want to add finishing touches and protection to your hair style. Rub a little oil between your fingers to protect your strands from the sun before going out. It can also be used to smooth out frizzy or unruly ends. Again, be sure to use a small amount as a little goes a long way.

Argan oil is also an excellent skin care product for your daily beauty regime. Along with its capacity to hydrate and protect your skin, this oil also has tissue healing, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

With its high levels of anti-oxidants, argan oil might also help slow down the aging of your skin for a lasting youthful glow.

For skin and body application consider

  • Using it as a face moisturizer. After cleaning your face, rub a few drops of oil directly onto your skin. It will absorb quickly without leaving your skin feeling oily.

  • Using it as a toner. Make your own facial toner by adding a few drops of oil to Rose water. This is luxury at its finest.

  • Using it to smooth or moisturize your lips. Rub into your lips to protect them from the sun or add a few drops to fine brown sugar and rub it into your lips as a DIY spa scrub treatment. Using it as an additive to your foundation. For extra skin protection and a distinctive ‘dewy’ glow, add a few drops of oil to your foundation before application.

  • Using it to soften your cracked heels or cuticles. Gently massage the oil into your cuticles to stimulate nail growth or rub into your heels before going to bed to soothe cracked heels.

  • Using it as bath oil. Add a few drops to your bath for silky and supple skin. The anti oxidants work wonders for rejuvenating dry and aged skin. Exfoliating while bathing is also recommended.

  • Using it to reduce stretch marks. Rub it on your belly when pregnant to reduce the appearance of unsightly stretch marks. It will keep your skin soft and reduce inflammation or scar tissue.

Simplifying your skin care routine has never been easier. With an abundance of options available, argan oil is the most indulgent beauty alternative to loads of unnatural products while leaving your skin feeling moisturized, your hair radiant, and above all, your vanity looking tidy!

Sarah Smith

Photo Credits - (Header) CC: 'adagio' by Hernan Irastorza
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