Stars shine at met gala 2017; vogue to get a new online home

The week kicked off with a spectacular display of glitz and glamour in New York. The Met Gala 2017, or Costume Institute Gala, was a riot of colour, sequins and bare flesh that sparkled brighter than the banks of paparazzi snapping the red-carpet prima donnas.

The only comparable event from an aesthetic point of view is the Rio Carnival (depicted above). Only this event is studded with A list celebrities and fashion royalty, sporting OTT headdresses and trains encapsulating true tip to toe glamour.

Pop princesses studded the red carpet, showing off costumes from their favourite designers. And, yes, there were some real pantomime pieces:

  • J-Lo partnered with Donatella Versace, both wearing gowns that were less material, more flesh, from Atelier Versace.
  • Beyonce displayed her spectacular figure through a Givenchy backless, sparkling number, complete with bridal train.
  • Madonna defied age in a stunning, figure-hugging Moschino.
  • And Rihanna, well. Her Guo Pel canary-yellow jacquard overcoat stole the show. The weave was exquisite and the train? The dress-come-coat must weigh more than Riri does, herself.

But it wasn't just the big names from pop, nor necessarily the upper echelon of fashion house that sparkled on the red carpet. Countless Hollywood elite turned up for the gala.

As well as your top fashion designers, customisations of Topshop and H&M adorned the celebs, too. Who needs Brazil when we've got New York!?


In other news: Vogue is getting busy!

Or rather, Condé Nast, Vogue and Vanity Fair's holding company, are seeking new ways to titillate its audiences.

There's been much buzz and anticipation around the launch of Condé Nast's e-commerce venture:

  • Where would it live?
  • Which brand would win the honour of hosting it?
  • Would another brand have to make way?

Well, they've finally come to a decision in a move that aims to consolidate both its US powerhouse and its global arms. But, for lovers of Vogue, they have to follow their favourite ezine at its new home on the web.

For a decade and a half, Vogue's online home has been But it's this web address that Condé Nast has decided will host the e-commerce venture.

In the past, the blogs and catwalk coverage have all been centered around its traditional - and some might say spiritual - home. But there'll be a new place on the web for all of Vogue's editorial content and runway rendezvous':

It's a brave move. Year on year, Style,com has attracted 60% more fashion connoisseurs Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2016. With 6M visitors a month devouring Vogue's online content having to take a detour, it will be interesting to see how those figures stack up once the Vogue content has migrated.


CNE to launch 2 x Reality TV Series' on The Scene

In addition (or as a backup), Condé Nast is also venturing into a new media arena. Piggybacking on the rise in popularity of the reality TV show, Condé Nast Entertainment has previewed two of their own series' to potential advertisers.

It's another brave move. First, we have live-streaming now coming through social media with the Periscope/Twitter partnership. Plus, YouTube is more than holding onto its spot as the second largest search engine in the world.

Having video on demand means that lovers of all-things fashion can keep up to date on-the-go, providing they have a WiFi signal. We do know that the shows will air on CNE's "The Scene" channel. But lips are sealed as to what the series will actually be about.

All we can say is: "watch this space" - quite literally

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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