Make every day a good hair day this summer with argan oil

We had a taste of it last week, summer. Fleeting though it was, three days of intense sunshine served as a stark reminder that not only do we need to keep our skin protected from the suns harmful UV rays, but our hair too.

Whether we get the long summer that experts are predicting or not, it’s a safe bet that most of us will be spending a fortnight in the sun at some stage this year.

The suntan lotion will go in the suitcase, swiftly followed by aftersun if you’re ultra careful. But are you putting in any argan oil to protect your hair whilst you’re subjecting it to the midday sun?


Do we ever have ‘great holiday hair’ when we’re in the sun?

We’re all at fault, I think. We do our utmost to cover up with suntan lotion from forehead to toe, but do we ever spare a thought for our hair.

Seriously, who’s got a holiday photo that they can point to and think: my hair looked great in that shot?

Increased exposure to the sun’s rays does more than just dry out your hair.

Anyone who’s been subjected to the sun’s merciless heat for too long and has burnt their scalp will know the itchy, flaky frustration that lasts for days afterwards.

Just a pea-sized application of argan oil into towel dry hair will not only nourish your locks, but the vitamin E will soak into your scalp, too, moisturising the skin, eliminating the dryness that causes itchy scalp.


Wearing a hat is one answer, but not always practical

Without a shadow of doubt, the best way to keep the sun of your head is to wear a hat. Not only to protect your hair from the sun, but you don’t want to be boiling your brains into a migraine, either.

The problem is, a huge Ascot hat may be alright for the races, but the pool bar in Puerto Rico? Mm, perhaps not.

But there’s more than worrying about doing a couple of lengths backstroke in a Audrey Hepburn floppy hat to raise concern.

One of the biggest oversights on holiday is water damage. And we’re not just talking the sea or the pool, although we’ll come on to those in a minute.

When we’re in sunnier climes, there’s no nice way of putting it: we sweat.

The natural salt in sweat gathers beneath our hats and caps and, although we may feel like our head is saturated, it’s doing more harm than good.


Water damage comes from even the most unsuspect places

The tendency then is to get back to the hotel room and wash our hair every night. This is yet another killer for your hair.

As well as the chlorine from the swimming pool, salt from the sea and from trapping our own sweat beneath our head gear, we’re washing away any natural oils before they’ve had chance to replenish our hair.

Is it any wonder we give up on a decent do half way through the first week of our holiday?

A hot oil treatment like argan oil for hair is essential to give those gorgeous locks a chance in such extreme conditions. Your hair will soak up all of the nutrients and thank you for it.

Moroccan argan oil is as quick and easy as it sounds: a quick massage into your roots, through to the tips before you dry it and, because it’s 100% natural, your hair absorbs it instantly.

This leaves your hair manageable and with a natural shine, whilst all others around you are having frizz-attacks or just plain lank bad hair days.

Wherever you spend your summer this year, make every day a good hair day. It’s a lot simpler than you think.

The Editorial Team
Poppy Austin

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