Bath time bliss: how argan oil can improve your soak time

Winter is fast approaching and those who have lived through a frosty January know that winterizing involves more than insulating your windows and pulling in your patio furniture.

Cold weather can wreak absolute havoc on your skin and hair. Think about it- when it is cold outside, there is much less moisture in the air. When a lack of moisture is combined with turbulent winds that pull and wear at your skin, the result is a cracked and unprotected facade. While it is important to stay moisturized and hydrated all year long, it is absolutely essential in the winter months.

While keeping your skin healthy all year round might seem like a dubious task, having healthy skin during the winter is not as far-fetched as you might think and with the help of Argan oil you can streamline the process by using one versatile and effective product.

Before we dive into using Argan oil as a bath soak, there are several small changes you can make before the cold weather really hits to help your skin make a smooth transition. First of all- switch from a lotion to a cream. If you don’t already use Argan oil on your skin, this might be an excellent time to give it a try. Argan oil easily absorbs into the skin making it an excellent moisturizer in both the summer and the winter months.


Protect your hands with gloves

Wear gloves over your hands and keep the rest of your skin protected. This will ensure that your skin stays healthy as well as keep you warm. You also don’t want to skip using sunscreen. Although those beach days seem long gone, it doesn’t mean that your skin is fully protected from the rays of the sun. An added bonus to using Argan oil on your face is that is has Vitamins that already help protect your skin from UV rays.

As the snow starts to dust the ground and your body starts to feel the effect of the dry wind, it seems perfectly natural to jump into the shower to warm up your body and moisturize your skin. Ironically, sometimes the things that make us feel good in the now (such as a long hot shower on a winter’s day) are not good for your skin in the long term.


Beware of water

The extended exposure to water can actually dry out and crack your skin. During the colder months, it is an excellent idea to opt for shorter lukewarm baths. The plus-side to a comforting bath is that it can detoxify and relax your muscles without stripping away the essential oils from your skin.

When drawing your bath, wait a few minutes so that your water can reach a tolerably warm temperature. You never want to get into a bath that is steaming or scalding. As much as we love hot baths, scalding water will pull oils away from your skin. While you are waiting for your bath to cool down, sprinkle a few drop of Argan oil into a cup of whole milk or a few tablespoons of olive oil.

This mixture will keep your oil from evaporating quickly and you will be able to enjoy its excellent re-hydrating properties. Add the diluted mixture into your bath and quickly stir with your hand before you jump inside the tub. As an antidote to sore muscles, you can also mix the oil into two cups of Epsom salts and dissolve it into the water. However, mixing salt into your bath should not be a regular practice in the winter as this can also dry out your skin.


Consider other essential oils

Other oils to add with your Argan oil might include: rose for anxiety or nervous tension, lavender for relaxation, neroli or camomile to induce sleep, or ylang ylang to uplift your mood and soak your dry skin.

After a short soak, pat yourself dry and reapply a few drops of Argan oil to help your body retain its moisture. Beyond sun protection and body lotion replacement, Argan oil will help your body fight off signs of aging that include saggy skin, wrinkles, and sun spots.

While battling the winter weather, it is essential to have accurate knowledge and good tools in your closet. Argan oil takes the guesswork out of skincare- it is great for almost anything. Give Argan oil a shot and watch your skin turn from tortured to tantalizing this holiday season.

Sarah Miller
Editor: Beauty

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